Harvard Model United Nation Conference(HNMUN)2016

It was an honor to join in Harvard Model United Nation Conference 2016, from Feb.11 to Feb.14 in Boston.  To make me luckier, I represented Delegate of Cuba in WHO session whose topic is Institutionalizing Pandemic and Epidemic Management.

During my time there, I was deeply absorbed in heated discussions, even forgetting eating and sleeping! All delegates in my team were in high spirits, writing clauses, lobbying other countries, making strategies to push the meeting, coming out creative solutions and sparing no efforts to promote team’s goal–shouldering common but differentiated responsibilities to management diseases and making U.N. a better platform to facilitate collaboration and to offer aid.

Although four-day time passed quickly, it was long enough to get closed to my lovely and excellent friends. From them, I saw love, enthusiasm, persistence, compassion and justice and there was every reason to believe we wonderful young people will lead to a bright future for tomorrow’s world.

see my summary: click here: hnmun-summary

dsc07542The opening ceremony

dsc07602See those three funny guys ? —-“Hey,  I am not shooting you!”

dsc07655ME and  my country card

collage1_fotorwith my team members

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