Internship at ‘The Paper’–a meaningful place for my development! is a new media platform mainly for hot issues and political news, which originated from Shanghai Media Group. It born in Shanghai, 2014 with all the editors and reporters coming from newspaper, but its products were only published to websites, mobile apps and social media.

It was so lucky for me to be recommended to do my internship in this new, energetic and rigorous media. During my time there, I assisted several excellent reporters, including chief editor Wu, photographer Quan, journalist Zhao, journalist Diao and journalist Guo. I also witnessed some big events and the whole process of news production, like the opening of the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Shandong vaccine scandal, intense highway pressure before the Spring Festival..etc.

attended the Media Preparatory Conference

What’s more, I joined in some important interviews including Fan Lixin, a documentary director, Shen Jie,  the president of Capital Normal University High School, Ye Dahua, Deputy Director of Coordination Bureau of Beijing International Horticultural Exhibitions and so on. Besides, I wrote articles about Beijing’s traffic conditions, Chinese aircraft carriers, the defense news of Philippine and USA and Beijing International Horticultural Exhibitions.

fan-lixin   dsc09466_fotor

dsc09132_fotorUpper left: Lixin Fan, award-winning documentary director. click this to see the interview

Upper right: Dahua Ye, Deputy Director of Coordination Bureau of Beijing International Horticultural Exhibitions. click this to see the interview

Right:Shen Jie, the president of Capital Normal University High School. click this to see the interview

What benefited me the most was not the works I had done, but the professional qualities and devotion  I saw from my honorable teachers. One of my teacher, photographer Quan, was the first photographer to go into the world-shaking Tianjin explosion, the only reporter who was trusted by the families of MH370 victims, and the one who consecutively reported the MH370 event  when others all forgot it. Plus, another teacher, reporter Diao, was the first one to disclose the serious Shandong vaccine scandal, encountering huge pressure and barriers from evil merchants and local governments.

tianjin-explosion  shandong-vaccine2

From them, I learned the responsibilities and enthusiasm as well as persistence and fearlessness, and many other things that I never learned from textbooks and classes.

Here are some links of my works. Please click the link below to watch:


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