Business Consulting for Twinkle Brown Sugar

Food Network personality and celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis once said, “Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s nourishment of the soul and body; it’s truly love.”

On an online marketing class in the fall 2017, I, together with five classmates, helped Twinkle Brown Sugar, a local teahouse and boba bar originated from Taiwan, with their online marketing performance. TBS

We acted as a consultant team to first identify the problems, then discuss with the founders to find out solutions, finally produced collaterals (websites, commercial, logo, social media posts, surveys) and a list of recommendations, additional campaign action items, and proposed measurements to for their future success. Our marketing plan identifies objectives, goals, strategies, and tactics. Though a short client engagement, we regard our marketing plan as both integrated and comprehensive as we evaluated the business and all original, proposed collateral from a “soups to nuts” perspective.




Through in-depth interviews, surveys, and lots of meetings, we gained a thorough understanding of the market, the competition, the business operations, the brand’s positioning, the current and aspirational audiences, and most importantly, the Twinkle Brown Sugar product. 


Processed with VSCO with  presetThroughout our engagement, we developed a close bond with our client, Twinkle Brown Sugar’s four partners and founders. We regularly updated them on our progress via email and social media as well as during our in-person meetings. We gained valuable experiences in client management, project management, and creative collateral development for offline/online marketing.


One-minute Commercial:

Twinkle Brown Sugar: Authentic Tea Drink From Taiwan 


Working in Senate President Office in Illinois (Video)

I shot a small video while I was working there, including my daily life, lovely staffs, the working environment and five interviews about my colleagues on their job.

My friendly and helpful colleagues❤️

To be honest, the initial goal for this video was to show my life to my parents and friends, who were away in China, knowing little about Illinois and my job. However, when I was shooting, I found I could actually do more, that is to say, my “ambition” became larger. So, then I interviewed some colleagues and also recorded their working after permission, and finally made it into a ten-minute video, presenting my unforgettable experience as well as Springfield, a beautiful traditional American small town.


Tour around Eastern USA 2016.2

Harvard and more


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Harvard Model United Nation Conference(HNMUN)2016

It was an honor to join in Harvard Model United Nation Conference 2016, from Feb.11 to Feb.14 in Boston.  To make me luckier, I represented Delegate of Cuba in WHO session whose topic is Institutionalizing Pandemic and Epidemic Management.

During my time there, I was deeply absorbed in heated discussions, even forgetting eating and sleeping! All delegates in my team were in high spirits, writing clauses, lobbying other countries, making strategies to push the meeting, coming out creative solutions and sparing no efforts to promote team’s goal–shouldering common but differentiated responsibilities to management diseases and making U.N. a better platform to facilitate collaboration and to offer aid.

Although four-day time passed quickly, it was long enough to get closed to my lovely and excellent friends. From them, I saw love, enthusiasm, persistence, compassion and justice and there was every reason to believe we wonderful young people will lead to a bright future for tomorrow’s world.

see my summary: click here: hnmun-summary

dsc07542The opening ceremony

dsc07602See those three funny guys ? —-“Hey,  I am not shooting you!”

dsc07655ME and  my country card

collage1_fotorwith my team members

My Journey:Qinghai-Gansu 2015.10(video)

I, togethered with five other students, went to Qinghai and Gansu, the Northeastern China. Qinghai Province is located in Qingzang Plateau, where is close to Tibet. During the journey, We six rented a car, driving from here to there, and stopped to take good pictures whenever we wanted.

We visited all big scenic spots as well as small lakes, unknown villages and local temples. Thankfully, it was autumn, the most beautiful season in a year, when there was always clear sky, no rain and the most important, few tourists.

To view more beautiful moments, please watch the video:

Qinghai Lake


Mountain Villages




Turkey is another Greece. Here you could find hundreds of ancient Roman ruins cites, blue ocean, white palaces and clear blue sky.

Turkey is more than Greece. Here you could watch grand sunrise on hot-air balloons in Cappadocia, walk in 19th century’s Ottoman-style streets in Safranbolu and swim in fantastic natural landscape in Pamukkale.


It has long history from Mesopotamian civilization to Mycenaean civilization, from Western Roman Empire to Byzantine Empire, from Ottoman Empire to now, the republic of Turkey. The rich history enables diverse culture blended together, forming a unique nation– Turkey.

Turkey is famous for its handicrafts including carpets and jars. Moreover, turkey food also attracts gourmets from the world, like Döner Kebab, Kuzu Tand r, Lokum and Turkish coffee.

Watch the video:

daisy land
bird view
Bosporus Bridge
white pillars relic

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Stolen Moment(Video)

A video assignment in Visual Reporting Class, which topic was ‘Moment’.

Just grab some snacks and enjoy this funny moment~

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Drum Show: Add some rhythm for the boring study life(video)

Renmin University holds Art Festival in Mays. In my first year, I joined in this performance with my friends and classmates. Taking the inspiration from STOMP, I arranged rhythmic clapping and passing cups, together with Djembe, a west African drum and Chinese Drum, forming a combination of different rhythms.

Rehersed happily on table tennis table

img_1329_fotorChinese Drum player and me

threw ourselves into the show and enjoyed!

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